Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Violin Man

An obedient son who makes his parents proud is what Abhishek is. The pride present on the faces of his parenst is much too evident and apparent at the public gatherings and social parties that people have seen him at. He's the epitome of a gentleman like behaviour like his father and grandfather before him. This gentlemanly conduct is not just limited to the elder folks, he is very much a ladies man as well.

One highly impressed socialite remarked. "In today's day and age, where youngsters barely wish you leave alone have a conversation with you, Abhishek is so different. It's always such a pleasure meeting him. He's polite, has a wonderful, dry sense of humour and the best part is, that you know he's not doing it to impress you. It's just so natural in his case."


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